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Letterpress Printing

If you're looking to make and impression, letterpress printed stationery whether it be for business cards, business stationery or for your wedding, engagement or party/event invitations, this oldest form of printing will certainly make an impact. Letterpress is when the design/text is made into a plate, which is then inked and pressed into the frontside of soft card. Features of this process when printed on it's traditional 100% cotton paper stock, creates a debossed effect in the ink/image areas resulting in a beautifully hand crafted, luxurious, organic and old world feel. Because a plate has to be created, personalisation with guest names and addresses are not possible.

Our preferred Wedding and Event Stationery paper stock is Gmund 100% Cotton, imported directly from Gmund based in Southern Germany. This cotton paper stock has a soft fibrous and organic look and feel. Gmund Cotton is available in weights 300gsm, 500gsm and 600gsm and comes in the following colours: white, bright white and soft grey. We do also offer other many other speciality paper stocks which do include, Brown Kraft, Buffalo Kraft Board and Drink Coaster Blotting Board.

At Papermarc you can have your stationery custom designed by us or you can have your own design for us to have letterpress printed, please contact us for a quote.