Elephant Paper

Elephant paper and envelope products is a handmade, tree free, environmentally friendly, non-bleached, sustainable A4 (297mm x 210mm) paper made from Elephant Dung and rice paddy fibres, using all natural resources. The dung is firstly sun dried and then sterilized by boiling at 120 degrees in a sealed high-pressure boiler. The pulp is mixed in to break up the fibers. Recycled office waste is then added for consistency of the product, before being spread on to submerged screens to create sheets of paper. There is NO bleaches or acids are used in the production of the paper with salt dyes used to create the beautiful colours. The entire process is sustainable. The bore water that is used in production of elephant paper and envelope products is then able to be reused by placing it through a filtration system. This process takes 13 days to complete, leaving a soft, naturally textured paper. And in case you are wondering .. No, it does not smell!

Elephant paper is available in white, natural, lime, orange and red in both paper and card weights. Matching envelopes are available in C6 and DL size.